Terms and Conditions for Opensource GIS softwares

  1. Statement of Purpose: The purpose of is to provide an opportunity to the GIS enthusiastic with the open source tools. Open source principles are changing our world today, and to create an open dialog around where these principles are headed in the future. We strictly don’t charge any Licensing Fee for the opensource GIS software products to be used.
  2. No Licensing Fee: We provide services (support, development) on QGIS, registered trademark ( wherein we don’t charge for any license fee etc. For all our Opensource tools which is being used, we abide by the terms and conditions of these organizations who has developed this tools .
  3. What we charge for: We charge for the infrastructure cost of cloud, training related activities and our service charge which involves developing, customization and provide you a tailormade solutions per your requirement.
  4. In the similar term we also don’t charge for Geoserver It is a free server, similarly applicable to all other free opensource softwares available. We only charge our consulting fees, training and infrastructure cost.

Terra Usage Terms

  1. Terra is a bundle of opensource GIS softwares hosted on Cloud Infrastructure, which is ready to use tailor made and can be customized specific to the requirements.
  2. The majority of our customers use Terra as a Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) for short term projects who can’t invest on the commercial softwares and does not possess the infrastructure.
  3. Terra can be used by connecting via Remote Desktop Protocol to which will need credentials.
  4. Credentials are to be obtained from administrators of the software. You can drop an email to or visit our contact page.